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‘Alice’ necklace from Poupette in Antwerp: Authentically Chic!

Diamond jewellery has never been so fancy! Tailor-made ‘Alice’ necklace is a unique creation from Poupette in Antwerp, a resourceful Belgian jewellery designer. With a central stone, ‘Alice’ is surrounded by small diamonds. Available in pink, white and yellow 18 carat gold and with different types of diamonds, precious and semi-precious stones, ‘Alice’ features a very thin rolo chain necklace with a lobster-claw fastening. It has a stunning pendant which sparkles exceptionally due to the quality of its central stone and surrounding elements and is also available in a single or a few shiny circles.

‘Alice’ was born in 2015 and was named after Laurence Tcherkezian’s daughter, Director of Poupette in Antwerp. Laurence wanted to design a luxury accessory that women could truly wear anytime. A distinctive signature necklace with a valuable meaning, the most precious central stone, her ‘Alice’ is surrounded by other exquisite stones, people who love ‘Alice’. Laurence wears her necklace every day having the ones she loves very close to her heart. Inspired by her trips and by beautiful anecdotes around her, the right idea and the perfect necklace had to tell a story, our designer’s story. The realisation of the ‘Alice’ necklace can take three to five weeks and will eventually represent your story with alternative designs and stone combinations.

Fashionable and pretty chic, Poupette in Antwerp is a Belgian brand based in Brussels and Antwerp. With a range of products starting from a single loose diamond to custom made jewellery, Laurence Tcherkezian, founder of the brand, is a third-generation diamond expert, ex-diamond broker who has joined the family-owned business eight years ago. She decided to launch her own jewellery brand two years ago to offer a unique customer experience, designing engagement rings, wedding bands, earrings, pendants, bangles and necklaces.

Poupette in Antwerp pushes the boundaries of innovation and style: ‘Live with style’ is the founder’s preferred saying. Poupette in Antwerp is dedicated to young and active women who like to wear diamond jewellery on a daily basis. Diamond jewellery is an appreciated accessory even when it is worn with casual clothes. On demand and personalised, Poupette in Antwerp is hand-made in Antwerp with conflict free diamonds.

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