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Secret Sessions Live: An intimate music event, a hidden line up

We knew what Secret Cinema was, have you heard about Secret Sessions Live? Brought to you by the leading music network, Secret Sessions, The Hospital Club unveiled yesterday three brilliant artists in a unique set. Although I knew where I was going, the line up was kept secret until the very last minute. An alternative type of event to promote emerging artists in a special venue.

Paul Allen and Dave Stewart (ex-Eurythmics) founded The Hospital Club, a building located on the corner of the Endell Street and Short Gardens, very close to Holborn tube station. Paul and Dave were having a drink in Covent Garden one night when they spotted a boarded-up building, the former St Paul’s Hospital. Their plan was to revive the building and transform it into a hub of creativity – full of people, ideas, music and life – and in 2004, The Hospital Club was born.

Doors open at seven and a bouncer at the entrance asked what I was here for? ‘Secret Sessions’ I replied, and I had just discovered what the password of our secret event was as I entered the classy building. Guided by the receptionist to the fourth floor, ‘Secret Sessions is in the Oak room’ he added. I took the lift and as soon as the doors opened, a narrow corridor revealed a few rooms with two sophisticated bars. To the left, a darker room with the perfect light and a few elements of a Gretsch drum kit in the centre of the stage and the general feeling that all this looked so special.

Harriet Jordan-Wrench, jumped on stage and explained the line up, three different acts discovered online and through various channels. She even introduced new Secret Sessions team members: four vertical multi-lightning structures to enlighten performers randomly during their given time, four to five songs, 25 minutes each. Fil Bo Riva was the first act, a Berlin based indie-rock duo, Freddie Dickson and Tom Speight followed.

‘For the love of music’, Secret Sessions has been active for 5 Years now. In 2011, armed with an old video camera and a new YouTube channel, they started filming sessions and interviews with emerging artists they loved. Today, they promote 300 artists, some of their videos have millions of views. They act as a real ‘artist accelerator’ and support an expanding music community of great talents.

Three different acts with three different styles, all acoustic. Sound and light was impeccable and the audience felt spoiled of attending a different type of gig with artists who will no longer be secret to them.

Picture: Freddie Dickson photo credit Secret Sessions

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